We were lucky enough to grab info on stuff, Mainly The Paranormal.

I believe there is a world beyond death, I believe spirits roam the world. I am one of the many that believe this, This book is dedicated on the Paranormal, The following storys are true. Ghosts: Most people know of at least one ghost story that has been told as being true within their family. Many of us even remember living near a haunted house when we were young. As children we tend to believe these ghost stories are real, but by the time we grow up we often consider ghosts to be as mythical as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Great Pumpkin. Humans have always been both fascinated and afraid of the unknown. Even during ancient times people experienced encounters with the paranormal and shared their stories with others. At True Ghost Tales we delve into the supernatural with visitor submitted true ghost stories, ghost pictures, haunting articles, EVPs, poltergeists, werewolves and more paranormal topics. We have a lot of resources for ghost hunters and everyone interested in the paranormal world. The blog is updated every day with new ghost stuff. We also have an archived section of ghost stories and for those of you who like to interact with others who are into the paranormal we have a forum. However we may explain the supernatural world, nothing prevents us from being intensely interested in real true ghost stories, haunted houses, and the realm of the supernatural. In different stories, ghosts have been described as being benevolent, benign, or malevolent. A benevolent ghost seems to want to help or protect in some way while a malevolent spirit will seek to inflict harm. Benign ghosts are usually indifferent to, or unaware of, the living.The Bermuda Triangle is inexorably associated with time travel, UFOs, missing time and wormholes. Credible witnesses to the effects of the Bermuda Triangle have been witnessed by Charles Lindbergh to Christopher Columbus. When Charles Lindbergh was making a nonstop flight from Havana to St. Louis his magnetic compass started rotating. His Earth-inductor-compass needle jumped back and forth erratically. This has now all been revealed in his autobiography. Even a great pilot like Charles Lindbergh witnessed unusual events while flying in the reaches of the Bermuda Triangle. Let me introduce you to Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic. Nancy is gifted with the sight. She has been a psychic consultant for many celebrities, she has predicted various earthquakes and recently predicted the illness of Senator Ted Kennedy. Nancy has met many celebrities and one celebrity that really stands out is Vincent Gaddis, the man that first coined the phrase Bermuda Triangle. Nancy has been very interested in all things paranormal, especially the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps if we want to learn the methods of time travel, we need to investigate the Bermuda Triangle more thoroughly. Why do so many witnesses claim to see a strange fog or a strange cloud before the mishaps happen? Could we find the key to time travel in the midst of the Bermuda Triangle? Survivors of the Bermuda Triangle complain about distortions in time or missing time. What did Flight 19 - The Lost Patrol see that was so odd in the Bermuda Triangle? Where did they go? Did they enter a wormhole and land in another dimension? Did they travel back into time or forward into time? So many questions, but yet so little answers. I have survived the Bermuda Triangle while taking a flight to Puerto Rico and later to St. Thomas for my sister's wedding. The only thing unusual that happened is when my flight hit an air pocket that made the plane shake tremendously. Some passengers even screamed. Bruce Gernon flew his plane, a Bonanza A36 into the Bermuda Triangle and encountered a non-threatening mile and a half long Lenticular shaped cloud. When he came near this cloud, he thought it was unusual because it was so low to the water. Most Lenticular shaped clouds are high in the atmosphere. The cloud seemed to come alive. It became huge, it engulfed his plane 5 times. It became the shape of an immense squall and extended 10 miles! From a harmless Lenticular cloud it became a dangerous cumulonimbus cloud with a massive thunderhead. A tunnel opened up in the cloud and he went through this tunnel. The tunnel had cloud trails swirling around his plane. While going into this tunnel, he experienced zero gravity and the only thing keeping him in the cockpit was his seatbelt. He survived this ordeal, but it's an experience he will never forget. Was this tunnel in the cloud a wormhole? Christopher Columbus wrote in his memoirs on how his compass acted strangely while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. He also witnessed along with another shipmate a glowing globe of light that seemed to hover over the sea. Did Columbus and his shipmate witness a UFO in the Bermuda Triangle in the year of 1492? Did the UFO help Columbus find land? Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet said that Atlantis would rise in 1968 or 1969 and in that time frame we discovered the strange roads of Bimimi. Would a great civilization like Atlantis be attracted to the unique properties of the Bermuda Triangle? Could the Bermuda Triangle also serve as an energy source for a great civilization? What is with the clouds or the fog? When strange clouds or fog enter the Bermuda Triangle, strange things start happening. Strange fog or mist has been seen with the Philadelphia Experiment in which the USS Eldridge vanished and reappeared later miles away, with some of the crew men infused into the hull of the ship. There are reports of past armies of men disappearing into a strange mist. In 1901 Anne Moberly & Eleanor Jourdain stepped into a mist and arrived at a time period before the French Revolution. The mist and those ominous clouds must be the key to time travel or entering other dimensions. We need teams of scientists to study this phenomenon. It's a phenomenon that may be able to open many doors literally. Perhaps we can truly find our Stargate. Right now, Gold Rush Ghosts is analyzing their case documents on the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe, just maybe Vincent Gaddis left some tidbit of information that will lead to solving this mystery. To learn more about Nancy Bradley, please see her website at: or You can read about her husband Robert Reppert's paranormal investigation team at Best known for his iconic TV portrayal of the lollipop-loving detective Theo Kojak, the late, great Greek-born actor Telly Savalas had a real ghostly experience whilst driving home on Long Island at 3 a.m. one summer morning in 1954, when he ran out of petrol and decided to walk to a nearby freeway where he knew there would be a petrol station still open for service. He walked through a wooded park, as a shortcut, when suddenly this man called out: "I'll give you a lift!" Savalas admitted to being quite shaken by the voice, as he hadn't heard the big black Cadillac pull up beside him. But the man, who was dressed all in white, looked okay, and he took Telly to the service station. Once there, Savalas became instantly embarrassed on finding that he did not have enough change for the petrol. However, the stranger didn't seem bothered by this, and just handed over some notes and said it was OK, as he could pay him back later. Whilst they were driving back to the car, the stranger remarked to Savalas that he knew Harry Agannis. When Savalas asked who he was, the man said he was a baseball player with the Boston Red Sox. But Savalas had never heard of him. That was the extent of the conversation, and the man dropped Savalas back at his car. The following day, Savalas received a big surprise when he read in a newspaper that the baseball player Agannis had died suddenly at the age of 24. Apparently he had died around about the same time that his name had been mentioned by the stranger in the car. At first, Savalas attributed this to just pure coincidence. However, when he tried to phone the guy to give him his money back, a woman answered and Savalas explained why he was ringing. The woman sounded a little strange, and asked what car the guy had been driving and what he had been wearing. When Savalas told her, the woman began to cry, saying that Savalas had just described her husband - who'd died three years earlier. Stunned by what the woman had told him, Savalas began to speculate on all kinds of possible explanations, but couldn't really think of anything logical that would definitely account for what he had experienced on that lonely road in the early hours of the morning. Thus, Savalas eventually came to accept that, apparently, he'd taken a ride in a car with a dead man. Vampires: The word "vampire," aside from its current slang significance, suggests superstition, ghosts, werewolves, hobgoblins, purely fabulous monsters, fiction tales of so-called "mystery and horror" based on highly wrought literary imagination rather than any shred of fact.In these weird tales the vampire is sometimes a huge bat, sometimes a beautiful woman, sometimes, as in the case of Count Dracula, a man with a mania for sucking human life-blood. Dracula is the classic type of fictional human vampire. He was created by Bram Stoker, a British writer of horror stories, and instantly became the literary rage all over the world. The Count's popularity has lasted twenty years; he is now the hero of a play based on Stoker's book, adapted by the American journalist, John Balderstori, and enjoying runs in York City and London. Women frequently faint at the matinee performances. It seems now proved beyond any possibility of scientific doubt that such sinister and dangerous creatures, both bat and human, actually exist. Only a few weeks ago from mysterious Haiti, but from the quite modernized town Of Aux Cayes in that tropical West Indian island, where American Marine officers in motor cars pass every day, came the authenticated confession of a coppery-haired, handsome mulatto woman, by name Anastasie Dieudonne, that she had for several months been draining the blood from her nine-year old niece. The child, once healthy and robust, had begun to fade away. Neighbors and relatives thought she had some wasting disease. Physicians, including those of the American clinic at Trouin, could find nothing wrong with her. Then an old black native doctor was called into conference. "She is the victim," he said, "of a vampire, or a loup garon. The life-blood is being secretly sucked from her body. If the monster is not discovered, she will die." "Bosh!" said many of the natives, who are not very superstitious in a modernized town like Aux Cayes. It looked like, bosh, indeed, when the old man carefully went over the girl's entire body and found not even a pinch-prick. But he was not satisfied and made a second examination. This time he discovered, a small, clean, unhealed incision hidden on the middle of her great toe. Anastasie Dieudonne subsequently confessed that she had been giving the girl a stupefying vegetable drug and then sucking her blood. She was, of course, an unbalanced creature, driven to this dreadful practice by an uncontrollable urge. She was literally, in actual fact, a human vampire. That there are and have been other human vampires, in both high and low walks of life, and in circumstances much more terrible and dramatic than the case in Haiti, will presently be shown. With reference to bat vampires, Dr. August Kronheit of the German Academy of Science, and member of a number of leading American societies, has made an elaborate study of them in South America. He discovered that the true vampire is a montrous blackish-brown bat, with a wing-spread of about two feet, with razor-sharp teeth and a hideous snout like a pig. It flies chiefly in the late hours of the night, attacking sleeping horses, other animals and human beings. It lives almost entirely by sucking blood. Dr Kronheit cites the specific case of a young girl in Bolivia, who was sleeping during the Summer on the unscreened porch of her father's house. By merest accident the father, who was planning a hunting trip next day, went out on the porch, just as dawn was lighting the sky, to observe the weather. He saw the huge bat crouching against his daughter's bare shoulder, and with horror recognized it for what it was. He seized it and crushed it to death with his hands. It was then discovered that the vampire had sucked almost a pint of blood from the girl. These true accounts of the vampire need frighten no reader in the continent of North America. The true vampire bat is confined exclusively to tropical countries, and never comes even so far north as Florida. The bats of the United States are harmless and, in many cases, useful. The useful ones live on insects; others by sucking the juice from fruit on trees. In the United States there is a large bat with a wingspread of more than fourteen inches, which is sometimes called "vampire," but which is known to science under the name of "false vampire," because it sucks only the juices of fruits. But the existence of the real blood-sucking bats in tropical countries has been conclusively proved by science. One reason why people m general have hesitated to believe in them and regarded them as fictitious is that it has been difficult to understand, in common sense, why victims do not awaken when the vampire fastens upon them. Those who did believe in them invented the fantastic explanation that some insidious, sleep-producing poison was first injected from the bat's fangs into the victim's body. The true explanation is simpler. The upper front teeth of the vampire are flat, thin, unpointed and razorsharp. The vampire, properly speaking, neither bites nor sinks fangs like a needle into its victim. Instead, it delicately shaves off a thin portion of the skin, not deep, and the wound is practically painless. Then it applies its lips only to the spot, which is little more than an abrasion, and by suction alone keeps up a constant flow of blood. Human vampires, on the other hand, are demented or semi-insane people who have a mania for drinking human blood. Recent investigations both current and historical, have shown that it is not so rare an occurrence as one might suppose. The most completely authenticated case in history, since it is a part of actual old court record, is that of the beautiful Countess Bathori, who lived in Hungary about three hundred years ago. The complete minutes of the trial, her final confession, the testimony of her servants, the record of the conviction and the amazing punishment inflicted on her by the law-all still exist. She was rich and owned a castle on the edge of the Carpathian Mountains, which had a mysterious and evil reputation in the neighborhood. For many years the peasants believed that she practiced magic, and was, in league, like Faust, with the devil. They did not dream, however, of the even more dreadful secret that the castle actually hid, for what occurred there, over and over again, was more terrifying than anything in the Bluebeard stories or the horror tales of Poe. Over a period of several years a number of young and pretty peasant girls and boys had disappeared from the neighborhood and had never been heard from again. For a long time it was supposed that they had been carried off by bandits from the mountains. But finally suspicion was directed toward the already mysterious castle of the Countess Bathori, and after an investigation a company of the King's Guard appeared suddenly one night with search warrants from the Emperor, placed the Countess under arrest and thoroughly searched the castle. In an underground dungeon they found six of the missing children, emaciated, but still alive, chained so that they could not kill themselves, which they would all too willingly have done to escape the slower death they were suffering. The bones of several others who had finally died were found in an oubliette. The Countess herself, under subsequent threats of legal torture, confessed that each night she went to the dungeon, opened a vein in the arm of one of the prisoners, drank quantities of blood, and also bathed her face and shoulders in it. She believed, in her mad, magical superstition, that this would keep her always young and beautiful. As a matter of fact, the records say, she had a marvelously smooth and lovely skin, a complexion like "snow and roses." It was a cruel period, and Hungary in those days was a cruel country. Instead of executing the Countess Bathori, the judges sentenced her, making the punishment fit the crime, to have the skin flayed from her face and neck. So her face became an object frightful to look upon instead of beautiful, as it had once been. The most famous case of a modern human vampire attested by the courts and legal record is that of Fritz Haarman, in Hanover, Germany, who was executed after the World War. He was a true vampire, scientifically speaking. He lured no less than twenty-seven youths into his home and drank their blood. The existence of such living human monsters as Anastasie Dieudonne in Haiti, Fritz Haarman in Germany and the Countess Bathori in Hungary is believed to be the basis for the legends concerning a third type of vampire which exists only in superstition and folklore. That is the vampire ghost, the dead man or woman, who periodically emerges from the grave to feed upon the blood of a living person. A whole literature has been built up around these folklore legends, and there are thousands of hair-raising stories. The best of them all, perhaps, is the "Succubus" by Balzac, which was illustrated by Gustave Dore. The most famous of them is probably "Dracula," with Robert Louis Stevenson's "Ollalla," a blood-curdling story, as runner-up. These stories, common to the peasantry of all European countries, tell how, when the vampire's grave is opened, the body, no matter how long dead, is found to be still fresh and rosy. To put a stop to the ravages of the supposed vampire, the people go solemnly to the cemetery, open the grave and drive a stake through the heart. Then the grave is closed again and boiling oil and vinegar are poured upon it. This story appeared in The Zanesville Signal on November 20, 1927 under the title "New Facts about Vampires: Winged and Human."

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