some of the most fascinating and uplifting stories of the unexplained are those that people perceive as being miraculous in nature. Sometimes they are in the form of answered prayers or are seen as the actions of guardian angels. These remarkable events and encounters lend comfort, strengthen faith - even save lives - at times when it seems these things are needed most. Are they literally from heaven, or are they created by a little-understood interaction of our consciousness with a profoundly mysterious universe? However you view them, these real-life experiences are worth our attention.

Fairy Abduction BY ANYA K. By Stephen Wagner, Guide

I have always had dreams of one day walking the streets of Bombay, touching the February snow outside my window while waking up in France, making love in Bangkok in the Meintin Hotel, and lying in the warm beaches of Mexico while playing with my toes in the faithful sun that never seems to stop glowing. But never have I imagined or wished to be abducted by beings from somewhere else.

It started one night after having dinner with my four-year-old daughter. I left her at her father's place, and was walking back to my car. As I was walking, I was feeling a tingle. I don't know what kind of tingle, just a tingle. I started fearing that a car would come out of nowhere and crash into me. But no... that didn't happen. I don't know how to say it, but this is the only way to say it... I felt that tingle again, and I saw some sparkling, golden sparkles, silver sparkles all meshed together like a painting.

There in front of my eyes was the most handsome being I had ever seen with my own two eyes. No, I was not drunk. No, I don't use drugs, I'm a nurse. He appeared there with broad strong arms, thunder thighs, twinkling eyes, and when he turned to pick up his wand... that gleaming glowing back. The moment I saw this, I screamed. He waved his fingers at me, and I became silent. I was inaudible. I was mute. I could not speak.

He spoke with his mind; it was a masculine, protective voice. I asked with my mind, "Who are you? What do you want?"

He said, "I am what you call a fairy." I thought for a while as I was shaken up, I fell to my knees. How could he be a fairy? He is way too big. He's no Tinkerbell. He's no Peter Pan. Just as I was about to get up and run for it, he swiftly caught ahold of my hand. He pulled me close and I passed out.

After that, I woke up in a place that looked like paradise. I had no clothes on. I felt bare, dirty, revealed. I touched myself to check if this was real life before I got up and looked around. There were green leaves and vines everywhere. There was water in front of me. I looked behind me; no one in sight. I looked to my side; no one in sight. What is this? Where is my house? What part of the world am I in? Where is good old New York?

I looked ahead and ran toward the trees, and then reached the water. By now my face was sore, and I could feel how hot it was. I bent over and scooped up water. It felt good as it splashed and lingered against my hot face. For a second, I forgot about everything. I brought myself back up and looked around some more, opened my mouth, and nothing came out. I was thinking about the fairy... the guy... those sparkles... my daughter... my life... my ex husband.

I felt something cold against my back. I felt it wrapping around me, I felt it groping. Snake? No. I swung around and that's when I saw him again. I wanted to scream in horror, even though I enjoyed his touch. He scooped me up and looked me in the eye. I wasn't thinking about what was going on. I fell into a deep gaze of his warm, purple-violet eyes. I curled up into a fetal position. His arms were so big, so broad, so warm. His hands caressed me. His skin was softer than mine; it felt even softer than a baby's skin. I didn't want to fall in love, but I felt as if I had fallen in love. I felt like a virgin.

He waved his fingers in weird motions. Then I heard him speak. He wasn't speaking any language I knew, but for some reason I knew what he meant. The sounds he was making sounded like sounds of whales. He asked me what my name was. I slowly said my name. I asked to be released. I asked where I was, how I got here, who he was. He replied to none and continued holding me.

We arrived at a place. There was a waterfall ahead, and I felt like sprinkles as we arrived. I trembled with fear when I heard the roar of the water. I was surprised he was able to hold me for such long distance. He threw me in the water. I screamed, and I heard myself scream. All of a sudden... I didn't fall. He leaped on me. We were literally on water! We were mingling on the water. I acted as if I knew him for years and years. Like he was my childhood friend. I felt like that at the moment. His fingers invaded every body part. I felt violated, but then I was tempted. I indulged myself with him. He bit me on the neck, gently. I passed out again. All I remember is giggling.

I heard a man's voice echo. It echoed on and on. I woke up, finding myself in the middle of the street, where I had last stopped while I was walking toward my car. The man asked, "Hey, lady, you okay?" I see him smile. I asked, "Where am I?" He responded with a startled expression and a reply, "New York... where else, baby? Are you okay? You sure you don't need medical attention? Go put on some clothes." He walked away.

I looked down at myself and found myself naked. I looked around for something to cover my shame. Nothing was in sight except my car and other cars. I ran to my car and viciously looked for my keys. I found the keys on the top of the car. I drove myself home, crying. I looked up, I saw the full moon. It shone on me like a mirror's reflection with sun hitting on it. I sobbed, wondering what had just happened to me. I arrived home and bathed myself. I ran my fingers over my neck as I was using the wet cloth to wash the other side of my neck. I felt bumps. I rinsed myself off and looked at myself in the mirror: dark circles around my eyes and that bite on my neck. It was red and looked perfectly new.

I went to call my daughter and ask how she was. Her father picked up. I hung up. There I sat in the living room couch, recalling what happened. I had a close encounter with a fairy.

Thats all for today, Thanks.

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