We got an interview with the creator, AKA Ethan Us: Why did you choose to create a paranormal digital magazine? Ethan: Many people enjoy being scared, And many other enjoy knowing about the paranormal, I too am a fan of horror novels and mysteries. Us: Basically why would you choose to make a magazine when you can use websites? Ethan: Its easier with a mag, I can put in my own cover and its easy. Us: Time to go! Kidding, If you were stuck in a haunted house with four other people for Twenty four hours, And those twenty four hours were all night, What would you do? Ethan: I`m currently not in a paranormal investigating team but hope to be recruited some day, But anyway, I would try to make peace with the spirits, If they were not peaceful and started throwing things around, You really have to get protection, Probably bring some matter of protection, I think bible prayers works. Us: Well, It really IS time to go, Thanks for the interview. Ethan: Cool, And you do know what you guys arent real and im interviewing myself? Us: Meep.

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